"The only nationwide charity of its kind"

OUR History

1996 - Mr. Pipkin served with AmeriCorps to help under-served communities gain access to clean water and sewer in rural Maryland.

2000 - Mr. Pipkin began working with Maryland Emergency Management Agency as a disaster recovery official.

2007 - Mr. Pipkin served as FEMA's Public Assistance Liaison to the City of New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. 

2013 -The National Disaster Relief Foundation is incorporated as a Public Charity in the State of Maryland.

2014 -​The National Disaster Relief Foundation announced its nationwide launch.


to donors and families alike is simple:  Ninety percent of every donated dollar is given directly to families who have lost their home.  From your goodwill, directly to them, where it belongs.

After spending more than a decade helping communities recover from disasters, one thing became clear: The billions of dollars we spend each year could, and should, be spent more wisely and more compassionately.  I've dedicated the rest of my life to helping families afford to recover, one family at a time, by giving them what nobody else does, a little bit of money.  It really does go a long way. Please join the fight."

Our founder

Nat​ional Disaster Relief Foundation


Every charity should be as efficient.  Our straight-forward approach provides the best option for donors who want to know their contribution has an immediate impact.


We believe in the responsibility of everyone to help those who are most in need.  We strive to help families recover from disaster more quickly than they otherwise would without us.