Officially launched in May 2014, the National Disaster Relief Foundation is designed specifically for one purpose: to provide direct relief to families whose homes have been destroyed by natural disaster.  Passionately dedicated to advocating for the needs of disaster victims, the Foundation provides a much needed boost for disaster survivors who often just need a leg up. In the meantime, we give donors confidence and assurance that their goodwill actually makes a difference.


Families in Need

Your donation helps pay for items that insurance companies and other organizations do not cover. This flexibility allows each family to focus on their family's particular circumstances and unique unmet needs.

No Strings Attached

Our Mission

Susanna Rachel Pipkin

Managing Director / Director of Outreach

Staci Lee Pipkin

Director, General Counsel

The National Disaster Relief Foundation's extraordinary commitment donors is 90% of every donated dollar is given directly to families who have lost their homes to natural disaster.  From your goodwill, directly to families, where it belongs.

We provide a small stipend of relief, without precondition. We let families decide how to best use their funds and ask only that they let us know how they were used.

"The only nationwide charity of its kind"

Nat​ional Disaster Relief Foundation



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Our impact

We give donors the power to directly impact the
lives of families
 ​from disaster.



Clinton Parker Pipkin

Founder and President